Exuma’s Famous Residents

Meet Exuma’s Most Famous Residents

It’s not Johnny Depp 

or Nicholas Cage 

And it’s not David Copperfield

Although all of these celebs own Exuma property in the form of private islands, it’s the four legged swimming pigs that take centre stage.

For decades, the adorable animals led a quiet life on Staniel  Cay and Big Major Cay in the Exuma Island chain, enjoying a diet of sweet fresh local papayas until they themselves became sustenance for the table.

Curious by nature, the pigs like to swim offshore to check out the recreational boats at anchor and sample the scraps of food that come their way.

It was Exuma’s best kept secret.

But once told, a secret’s no longer a secret and that’s the way it is with Exuma’s famous furry residents who also call Exuma home..

The Exuma pigs have been featured far and wide and have pretty much become a global sensation.


Besides thrilling lots of people with their antics, the pigs have helped showcase Exuma real estate through Youtube and multi international networks and publications..