Exuma Homes in the Park

Exuma Homes in the Park

The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park proudly lays claim to being the first such park in the world.

The park, managed by the Bahamas National Trust, sweeps from the centre of Wax Cay in the north to the centre of Conch Cay south and includes Rocky Dundas.

In total, it’s 22 miles long and eight miles wide.

The Exuma park is exceptional in beauty. The cays are dotted with pristine, talcum powder soft white sand beaches, fantastic anchorages and hidden coves.

The shades of the sea are extraordinary with varying hues of turquoise, sea greens and cobalt blue.

Established in 1958, the park serves as a nursery to replenish and restore marine life. The bird life and underwater sea life is remarkable.

Fishing, the taking or any wildlife (marine, bird or otherwise), plants or fauna and shelling are strictly prohibited.

The Warden’s Exuma home is located at Waderick Wells in the island chain.

Some of the cays in the park are privately owned and this premium Exuma real estate hosts several homes, ranging from simple cottages to grand second homes.

Beach in Exuma

The Exuma Cays are a place to go to recharge the human battery.

Enjoy magical days of drifting over coral reefs and marvel at the wonderland below, bird watching and magnificent sunsets and sunrises.

With no light pollution, the star gazing is amazing.

Development in the Exuma park is not a given and any would be Exuma home owner will need proper government approvals to build in the park.

There are a number of full service marinas outside each end the Exuma park and a number of little restaurants serving up superior meals.