Exuma Private Islands

Owning an Exuma Private Island

So, you want to own an island in Exuma.

Good choice! With so many exquisite islands and cays to explore, who wouldn’t want to cast off on an island adventure in the beautiful Exuma chain in the southeast Bahamas?

Before contacting one of our Exuma real estate agents, we recommend you familiarise yourself with the pros and cons of Exuma private island ownership, or any private island ownership for that matter.

King/Queen of Your Own Castle

There’s a reason Exuma private islands are popular with celebrities.

Owning a private island means being the head of your own personal fiefdom. Imagine living in one of the most beautiful places on earth, far away from fawning fans and cameras, just floating around in that incredible turquoise sea, fresh coconut water at your fingertips.


It’s why celebs David Copperfield, Nicholas Cage, Eddie Murphy and Johnny Depp bought Exuma islands.

Today, private island living is easier than it’s ever been.

Modern technology, solar panels and RO systems mean that many luxuries not previously associated with island living are now available, including the internet, TV, telecommunications, air conditioning and an unlimited supply of potable water.

So after the fishing, the diving, the shelling and the exploring, you can go home to a wonderful fresh water shower, a good meal and a movie.

But make no mistake about it, Exuma private island ownership is for the super successful with deep pockets.

Things to Consider

Electricity and drinking water. Homes on private Exuma islands must have the infrastructure to generate their own electricity and private water.

Garbage disposal. Exuma private island homeowners must have an acceptable method for garbage disposal.

Transport. If you own a home on a private island in Exuma, you’ll need an airstrip, helicopter pad and/or a protected anchorage and dock for mooring your boat. 

Roads. Depending on where the house is located, you may need a road(s) or a substantial driveway.

Depp Private Island, Exuma

Building and Dredging – Government permission is necessary to build and dredge and this can be difficult, depending on the environmental impact of a development. The developer will fund a professional environmental impact study.

Island Caretaker. Unless you plan to live on the island full time, you’ll need a good caretaker. And not just any caretaker.

You need someone,  perhaps a couple, who is willing to live on the island year round, but who will need time off for holidays, shopping, doctors’ visits, family and renewing driver’s licence and passport and so on.

The caretaker must know how to maintain and repair equipment, think on his or her feet, problem solve, batten down property in the event of a storm and handle a boat.

The thrill of working on a beautiful private island in Exuma is appealing. However, this means leading a remote and lonely existence for long stretches of time. 

Don’t get us wrong. There are good, capable people out there. If you can, find someone with experience in the field and ask for references.

Cooking and Cleaning. Unless you plan to sweep, mop and produce three meals a day, you’ll need staff while you’re there.

Staff Quarters – The manager and staff will need their own living accommodations.

Salt Air Corrosion can shorten the life of certain things, such as a golf cart of vehicle, if it isn’t secured properly.

Supplies – Exuma private island owners will need to bring all their supplies in from a mainland and arrange to have fuel delivered.

Out of wine? Oh no!

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