Investing in Exuma Real Estate

Investing in Exuma Real Estate

By Woody Turnquest

Certainly, any investment deserves some serious thought. I can say with confidence that investing in Exuma real should be considered safe and sensible.

The Bahamas is a democratic society. Its proximity to and relationship with the United States of America provides a sense of safety and security. The Bahamian legal system is based on British law and before any property or structure can be sold, a title search is conducted.

Exuma is in the central Bahamas. There are three banks on the island, two Canadian and one Bahamian. Airline access is good and includes biweekly flights to and from Toronto via Air Canada, biweekly flights to and from Atlanta via Delta and daily flights to and from Ft. Lauderdale, Miami and Nassau.

Exuma real estate is sort after for a number of reasons. People like Exuma because the people are friendly. They love sharing their local knowledge with second home owners. They are excellent cooks and if you own a second home in Exuma, you may want to hire a local cook.

Native dining is a gastronomic experience not to be missed, from the fish fry shacks just outside George Town to any of the local restaurants throughout the islands.

Exuma is not without its history, the ruins of Steventon jail are the site of the famous Pompey slave rebellion and slave tombs can be found in the Hermitage, Rolle Town and Williams Town settlements.

Exuma real estate is varied - there are lots for sale on gorgeous, white powder sands beaches, on parcels of land with high elevations and everything in between.

This long, slender island made of oolitic limestone hosts some of the most beautiful property in the world, beaches ranging from small secluded coves to miles of soft, white sand. Many of them are virtually undiscovered and stand alone on a long stretch of beach.

I think the second home owners come to Exuma because of the feeling of freedom they experience.

Exuma Island Bahamas Offers Great Snorkling

For peace and tranquility, nothing rivals the intricate chain of the Exuma cays. Home of the rich and famous, these tiny islands nestle in patterns of swirling sands and are set against multiple shades of turquoise water in a magical beauty

Local bands play Caribbean music, while the Junkanoo festival features, goat skin drums, whistles and cow-bells. But, it is nature's sounds that capture the musical ear - the rippling of the Exuma ocean against rocky shorelines, gentle lapping of water in a calm bay, the thunderous roar of waves as they pound the sand of a long beach on a breezy day and the raucous sound of wild peacocks in Olde Hooper's Bay.

Fishermen can delight in either deep sea fishing adventures, or the serious sport of bone fishing or just taking a glass bottomed bucket in the boat for bottom fishing. Resting the bucket on top of the water allows the fisherman to locate the fish before sinking a line. Yes! The Exuma water is that clear.

George Town Harbour off Great Exuma is a sailor's paradise. It is the home of our National Family Island Regatta and many marvel that it has not become the sailing hub of the Southern Hemisphere - perhaps a business proposition for any enterprising investor.

Star-gazers relish the clarity of the skies, while romantics rave at the moonlight over the water. How can Exuma real estate not be a good investment? Come and visit and see for yourself!

Woody Turnquest is an Exuma real estate broker. He has been a member of the Bahamas Real Estate Association since 2004 and is managing broker of Coldwell Banker Lightbourn Realty in Exuma.